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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Elfhelm's Bane Character Creation

Okay, now the important stuff. You have to Create a Character Disk from the main menu. This gets kinda weird to explain with the Apple Emulator. So I'll just tell you what I did- there may be a better way. Elfhelm asks you to insert a blank disk after you Create a Character Disk. In Windows Explorer, I made a copy of my disk image file and renamed it to Character. Load that up and then follow the disk drive instructions.

Then from the main menu, Create New Character. Enter the name of your new character. This is very important, and you should remember it, since this is your saved game file. Easiest way is to name your character your own name. Next, we have randomly generated stats for you character.

If you want to be a Warrior, you need a high STR, CON, and DEX. High as in, 95 or more for at least STRength and CON. Warriors can be extremely dumb, so don't worry about INT or Magic or Spells.

A Magic User needs high Magic Ability and Spell Bonus.

A Priest is truly an all-around character, so you need to have decent stats all around.

Notes on stats: The higher STR, the more you can carry. If you have very low STR, you won't even max out on 20 items in your inventory if you're not careful.

There are scrolls in the game that can increase some stats, and your stats increase with Level ups, so don't worry if you don't have 90 on everything. The key is to get high scores on magic if you are a non-warrior, and to have the strength to carry a heavy backpack. A low CON may result in low Body Points. Hit and Damage Bonuses can really help your character win battles. INT is the least important of all the stats.

You can keep rolling for random stats for as long as you'd like. In your mind, pick a class and then roll for stats.

Here are my stats for my Priest character I created just for this blog:

My STR is totally awesome, my INT is fine, my CON is good, and my DEX is okay. I have no penalties or weaknesses. My Hit Bonus and Damage Bonus is SUPER. My Magic Ability is excellent. My Spell Bonus is good (I believe the only stats were 0%, 5%, and 10%). My carrying capacity means I can wear heavy armor and carry a bunch of treasure.

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