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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wormlord and other Unique Monsters in the Realm of Angbar

Hey- sorry it has now been over a year since I lasted posted. This is a hobby and real life kinda gets in the way of things. It's also meticulous to step through every step of the way. So let me just write about stuff I am interested in right now.

Elfhelm's Bane contains unique monsters, i.e. once you kill them, they don't come back, and there are not multiple versions of them (for example, the game will generate an infinite number of monsters and people to fight). These monster will eat you up at lower level, so make sure you are pumped up.

Elfhelm's Bane Unique Monsters

The Wormlord is the main villain in the game. It is located in the temple area behind a secret door. There are other powerful monsters in the room, as well, and all of them can poison you. Make sure you can defend again poison and disease. Believe it or not, but you can actually cast Plague on him and he will purify after 10 rounds. Be sure to have Vigor spells ready because The Wormlord has a habit of dodging Plague and his buddies will team up on you. A Green Orb may come in handy (you can zap it to cast Plague without losing Magic Points), and obviously a Fighter could use it.

The Emperor is located in the Palace right near Town Square. I recommend going after him first if you are trying to take out a unique monster. He can paralyze you, so be sure to have magical items that will nullify his magic.His throne room may have some officials in it, so you'll need to have a way to cast Vigor to heal, especially if a Berserker or two enters the fray.

Satan is an extremely tough foe. He's located in the swamp area outside the city, on the mysterious island. In addition to facing the master of evil, many high level demons will jump you. You'll need to have a lot of Hit Points, a way to heal, deflect magic, and cast Plague. Satan is tougher than The Wormlord and Emperor, so seriously be at a high level.

Poseidon is located under the mysterious island under the sea in a secret area. High level sea monsters guard him. He is very tough as well. Use the same instructions for the others to beat him.My game used to crash in this underwater lair, but the latest version I downloaded works fine.