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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Elfhelm's Bane Info, Questions, FAQ

Hi cult fans of Elfhelm's Bane! Just a quick update: I am dropping all projects with Elfhelm's Bane. Elfhelm's Bane Wikia has received little or no help from the internet community and comments have been minimal here, although this site does get traffic and I do get the occasional e-mail.

Anyway since Elfhelm's Bane is truly one of the most obscure games of all time it is to be expected that interest is low. That's fine. I do feel that this shrine has created visibility that had previously not existed. More importantly I have connected with a handful of Elfhelm's Bane fans. I do hope that if they played the game again it lived up to their expectations. If not, I guess nostalgia clouds our minds.

Since I will not be writing articles with any more screen shots, strategy guides, monsters, installation help, history, or item lists, and nor will I work on the Wikia anymore or try to create an Elfhelm's Bane mod using RPG Maker XV Ace, please use this thread (as opposed to personal e-mail) to ask me any questions, post your memories of this game, or anything else related to the Realm of Angmar, and I will respond to this thread to keep it going for others to see, since Google reserves the right to delete blogs due to inactivity.

Oh, a final update from Elfhelm's creator, who re-uploaded his story on TypePad (I guess after I republished it here):

"A gentleman by the name of Rick Hadsall is currently orchestrating the "MajorBBS Restoration Project", whereby he is attempting to preserve the history of the MajorBBS and resurrect some of the old, classic modules. I've contributed my old MajorBBS source code for Swords of Chaos, Lords of Cyberspace and The Mage connection to the effort and they are all currently available for play (for free!):"